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Monthly living expenses

Living expenses varies from person to person depending upon the life style. An average summary of the living expenses is provided below:

Service Cost Remarks
House rent 140-250 €
Medical insurance 070 € (private insurance can save you further 20€, but limitations)
Fees per semester
Food and miscellaneous 100-150 € (depends upon the living style)
Total expenses 400-550 €

NB: Students who are enrolled in media informatics should add 125 euros per semester to this for the semester contribution of University of Bonn.

living expenses by working part time

Yes you can expect to cover most if not all of your expenses by working part time. Most of the students here are covering their expenses by working part time. The salaries vary from 400-700€ per month.

mosque for prayers

Yes, there are numerous mosques in Aachen and Bonn. Of course you can’t compare the quantity with your hometown but then too it’s not a problem.

How do I have to manage food and laundry?

While in Germany you will have to manage your food by yourself that is cook your own food like all others over here do. There are a number of washing saloons where one can go and wash his cloths in the washing machines. The charges are nominal. If you are lucky there could be a possibility that your apartment or house has its very own washing machine in the basement. All the student dormitories have washing machines and dryers which are very cheap as compared to the public washing saloons.

How much does health insurance costs?

As of 2009 the Health Insurance costs 65 € for students under 30 years of age. There are private and cheaper health insurances available but they have limitations and problems.

Can you list some of the banks in Aachen?

Some of the banks in Aachen include:

Weather in Aachen

The weather of Aachen is usually rainy and windy. Snowfall starts in December and lasts till March. Usually winter season is much longer than summer.

halal/haram food

No, there is no such problem here. Of course you can’t eat anything that is edible like in Pakistan but then too if you want to get halal food you will easily get it. There is problem in the ingredients of some bakery products and other things, so you will have to look for the ingredients to be sure. There are a lot of Turkish and Arabic restaurants in Aachen, so there is no problem for Halal Restaurants too.


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